“The solution for energy dependence is your energy independence”

Finding ways to maintain your lifestyle while reducing your energy usage will not only save you money it will also allow you access to less expensive energy production systems.  The less energy your daily routine requires the less expensive a solar, wind, geothermal, gasification, or other home energy system will cost for installation and operation.

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Resource Efficiency

Drought Response

Water scarcity is a problem, we have the technical water solutions for your ecosystem.
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We specialize in solutions for clean, efficient, and renewable energy, water, and plants.

Water Production

LifeFlower LLC

Renewable Energy


A few multi-national corporations are buying up the worlds fresh water resources to resell it to you in plastic bottles. 

“There's water out there … the air"

Atmospheric water generators pull clean fresh water right out of the humidity in the air around you. Then it’s filtered through a 12-stage filtration process, all for pennies per gallon.

Grey water recycling filters and reuses household water for landscape irrigation (free water)

Advanced Ponics

Customizing your design

Share with us your vision and we will help create a design that meets your wants and needs.

​​​                   VERTICAL FARMING

Utilizing less area to grow more. 

Agritecture (the marriage of agriculture and architecture).

Growing your own food gives you power!  

Taking charge of your own food production will reduce your grocery bill, insure your food supply, insure your food safety, and provide culinary diversity with easy to manage interior and landscaping design.

Hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, these are all automated systems that produce up to 1000% more food than conventional food production, they recycle water using 95% less than conventional food production with no pesticides, herbicides, or petroleum-based transportation.