Industrial Product Features

 Mobile/Fixed Environment 
 Heavy duty - High Volume
 Programmable Logic Control integration
 Human machine interface
 Varied color selection
 Filter local water with hookup
 Easy filter replacement every 6 months
 Water generation below 0 degrees celsius
 Water generation with 30% or higher humidity
 Complete solution with trailer and power

 Customizable configuration

 Vertical garden wall enclosure

EB30 Product Features
 Recycles and cleans the air, reduces humidity
 80% humidity = 30L
 50% humidity = 19L
 Stores 4 gallons
 12 step filtration process
 Filter local water with hookup
 Easy filter replacement every 6 months
 LCD touchscreen interface

 Soda and alkiline upgrades
 Vertical garden wall enclosure
 1 year full warranty
 30 day money back guarantee


 Weighs approximately 110lbs
 Stands 44” tall
 18” wide
 17” deep

 110v AC
 330w consumption
 3 hours to produce 1 gallon
 Ave. elect. cost is 20cents per kwh
 $1.60 daily electricity cost
 Renewable energy and portable 
generator integration capabilities

    Similar to hydroponics, the aeroponic technique uses a water nutrient mix that is atomized and sprayed in the root chamber of the vertical growers.  Compared to soil techniques, this technique uses less water, drastically improves root absorption of nutrients, and perpetuates phenomenal growth rates.

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Life Flower, LLC

   Any system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in asymbiotic environment.

    A subset of hydroculture and is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Terrestrial plants may be grown with their roots in the mineral solution only, or in an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel.

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Atmospheric Water Generator